What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness that is a normal occurrence for everyone, just before entering the sleep state. Hypnosis is a treatment modality which involves inducing the client into a relaxed state.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy is internationally recognized as a technique which has been used to treat mental and psychosomatic issues. Hypnotherapy can be viewed as a pathway providing a person access to the source of their distress and issues by opening the doors to their subconscious mind. This can be effective in helping the person better understand the foundation of their issues. 

Does a hypnotized person lose control under hypnotherapy?

No. You are under a light trance and fully aware and present. Under hypnotherapy, you are able to feel, speak and hear what is going on around you. You are in a relaxed state of deep focus.

What is Heart Centered Hypnotherapy?

“Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is a highly effective treatment model that addresses body, mind, and spirit.  Sessions are designed to end in a place of gentle self-acceptance, worthiness and heart-centered love. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy leads clients down their own profoundly exciting road to self-discovery." The Wellness Institute, Issaquah, WA

A typical session of Heart Centered Hypnotherapy begins with an intention, an issue that you would like to work on. You are an active participant in this healing process, as you are always in control and aware of your experience and environment. I will guide you through a meditation and play relaxing music which will gently direct you into a deep state of relaxation.


During this process, your subconscious will be able to guide you to the source of your presenting issue. Through the hypnotherapy process, I will support and encourage you to express and extinguish the repressed emotions through a cathartic release of the mind, body and spirit utilizing a variety of healing modalities. By the end of the session, the goal is to change old patterns and extinguish limiting beliefs, by allowing the subconscious to reveal new conclusions and positive, healthy decisions you’ve made during the session.


I know through personal and professional experience, that the safe and compassionate healing space provided by this technique can help foster profound change. I look forward to discussing the potential that this technique may bring to your healing journey. Sessions typically last 90 minutes to two hours, because of the work that takes place in the subconscious mind.

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy was developed by Diane Zimberoff, founder of The Wellness Institute in Issaquah, Washington.  I completed the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy training and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist by The Wellness Institute.